Oblivion Blues (Lyrics)

Swept away by the river’s heavy flow
Yesterday, I was a writhing embryo
Inching with a million miles to go
My face I fear I shouldn’t ever show
I am a prisoner of my mind
An’ my soul failed to reach my heart
Lost am I in fantasy
Today I know not what I’m meant to be
Blindness is making sense of what you see
We try but fail to grasp infinity
Let the flames caress my eyes
Let the storm take my arms
Hail! Tomorrow is a different day..
Pray tomorrow is a different day..
I surrender my own faith
Comfort me and tell me that I won’t be safe
Deceit is the nest where beauty lies
Warm in her masterful disguise
Still, the horizon meets the sun
As she and I became one.

Mercy in Motion (Lyrics)

It ain’t the time
It ain’t the place
There’s eyes in the water
And there’s moss on my face
But when I reach that glowing door
I won’t return ’til I see my Lord
Half-buck an’ a bottle of whiskey in the chest
Shave my skin, gotta look my best
Head is a rock
And hand is a leaf
Purified by the blissful heat
Na nana na…
Well, I’ve shimmied on downward
Just to change my course
However far the river flows
It don’t forget its source
And oh, I cling to ashes and grime
Making me a martyr to the passage of time
Na nana na…
Wrap my neck with a chain reaction
I’m comin’ from words,
Headed straight to actions
They say desire not what you don’t need
But desire’s all I’ve left of me
Stagnant no more,
Wind keeps blowin’, makes me sway so
Stagnant no more..
Oh, yeah
Faith drives like a getaway car
Brings the best of days,
Hoppin’ star to star
And I do like me some rock ‘n roll
Pour it down on me,
Soak me to my soul!
Na nana na…
Won’t return ’til I see my Lord
Won’t return..


Centipede forgets not his nickel, nor his dime, any day, any time.
I scream at you in the mirror, you shamrock-shimmied foombugglah.
Heed my echoes, forever sands in winds of grace.
I could lick my eyeballs peacefully, had I myself a face.
“Dear daughter, I give you not my essence, nor my ways.
Work, we must, to find comfort in the coming days.”
But void surrenders to fulfillment, and I’ve yet to see the day
My brains did not coat the floor below
When a smile came my way.
Hark! Ye welcome the rising sun!
Raven of the solid sky, where do the waters run?
Fatal cradle for the hungry goblins in the mist.
Seize, oh please, good happy.
To famine, I shake my fist!

What I Learned from LSD (And Managed to Write)

There are no couches in the rooms of my mind. No time to dwell, just move at all times. Experience your senses. Always apply all that you can relate to everything that surrounds you. We need to be aware of our bodies. We have access to any part of our bodies at once.

I have the power to feel the energies that exist within and around all things. I need to direct the energies around me to anywhere I can. I can heal and manifest. The gift is in me.

Advertisements are funny. They reach out to millions of people a day. I wish love would.

I have truly experienced Nature. I want to sing.. I feel that a song could run like water along the tall, dry walls of this creek.

Focus your energies. Be aware of everything. Think about your thoughts. BE YOURSELF.

The key is to be! The key is to BE!

BE with everything and everyone. Offer your shelter, your warmth. Let them know they are accepted. Don’t worry about what you do, just watch it. You’re in control. The Spiritual Realm is with us. Be on top of everything.


Surrender yourself entirely to all that surrounds you. Always be complete. Find out what you need and just get it. Explore the Spiritual Realm any chance you get. Draw from it at all times. Be a source of spiritual energy and comfort. The answers are in the trees. When in need of guidance, ask the Earth what you should do next.

Be confident in yourself, but not prideful to the point of blindness.

If you stay to the rhythm, you’ll never hit a discordant note.

Little do we think about…(illegible).

The Gods do not expect from us; nor shall we expect from them.

We need to live to reciprocate our gratitude to the Earth. In order to live, we must interact with the world around us. We need to put our energies everywhere. Take good care of your body, and you can sway with how good you feel. Life is matter passionately weaving into itself, gently fucking and squeezing you as you become the Universe. I want to ooze and drip from every tree.


Learn to think about what you’re thinking about. Put all plans and thoughts into action.


…Because Caterpillars

Swollen fingers fail to fight
But how she quivers in the night!
Sacred thumbs fall long poise with nymph the haggle wish toupee. My eagle never forsakes the creature that he makes? We cannot be for weather if the fire can’t belate! Rash in nimble sweaters, bitter bottles of decay. My sweetest rapture is empty now that organs spill below. Half my candles burn to frozen acres topped with rays. Fierce delusions creak in cemetaries unfurled. Chance. Chance. Last chance to prance. Heavy does the wind move low when shivers do you find. My crestfallen fog softly bellows everlasting mind. Shame never protrudes from unexpecting smiles. Empty. Empty. Empty. Pour the bucket on my head. My brain is oh so thirsty. I am almost dead. Laughing at the walls, forgetting numbers and sordid days. Filling every moment with spiders blue and gray.
I came to taste the branches
I came to hear their tease
I came to see the nourishment
I came to smell it freeze
I came to taste my destiny
I came to hear release
I came to see cacophony
I came to touch disease.

The Life! The Life! The Life!

He makes, he makes, he makes
Cigars, cigars, cigars
Down by, down by, down by
The farm, the farm, the farm
He wakes, he wakes, he wakes
On Mars, on Mars, on Mars
Stretches, stretches, stretches
Five arms, five arms, five arms
He bakes, he bakes, he bakes
The tar, the tar, the tar
He paints, he paints, he paints
The barn, the barn, the barn
Earthquake! Earthquake! Earthquake!
Bizarre! Bizarre! Bizarre!
Trembles! Trembles! Trembles!
Of charm! Of charm! Of charm!
He shakes, he shakes, he shakes
The stars, the stars, the stars
He does, he does, he does
No harm, no harm, no harm.

The Sky’s Great Salivation

There is a loon
That sleeps in my room
I keep him under my bed
He always wakes me up at night,
Complaining of his aching head
I shove him back,
And pull the covers high over my head
When the leeches sprout from the bed sheets,
I’ll have already been dead
(Bang! Goes the drum)
Here come the maggots!
As I enter my endless doze
They eat away my belly
And all of my fourteen toes.
Trains itching for the wind
Consume your merry from within
It is until the pail is blue
That I find one and never two
Is there enough for sugar cups?
As it seems, door shall erupt
You hail the evening song of sin
That rises from castles among your kin!
I am being hunted by jacyls waiting silently in the dark crevices of my surroundings. Their gelatinous gaze painted upon the celestial haze will feed my temperature slowly. Have you no hamster eagle night feels so right to the left to the subway in the West for I am not the best. Can you cricket evening gown when wicked happening so? Half the fortune hence forth ill topographic sores. Hasty is the alligator to tie his tampered poles. Hack my hedges ablaze if there ain’t no speck to spay. Battered, melting crab, nimble lurking has the may. I’ve made more murky males mail malevolent mundane. Touch my untamed tentacles, feed my furry friends. Happy helicopter has hands with never crazed. There is flat supernova in the essence of my days.
I won’t create your crude but caring cradle…No, not just yet.
The Eskimos are coming…And the ice is getting wet.
Flattened be my bosom!
Woman I am no more
Thy sanctuary weakened,
My uterus is sore
Celebration fertile,
Decadence is the only way
Stop chewing on my tonsils,
There is more I have to say
Escalating entropy,
From thesis you shall emerge
I bathe within your whispers,
Waiting for the purge
My caterpillar squirms
It feeds catastrophe to worms
The nighttime ever rises
The daytime never learns.
Tomfoolery! My aching leaves.
Glum is it not? The chainsaw heaves.
Rapture! I am falling
Like the apples at my feet
Soon my bark shall cuddle with them
In the summer heat
My branches are a-tumblin’…
Have you no shame?
You are to blame.
We are. We are. Not the same.
I banished the bear by catapult
Now he’s combed his hair
And joined a cult
I figured, might as well…
Ring the largest bell…
Because a broken cochlea
Is another tale to tell
Oh, my aching gizzard!
I ain’t doin’ mighty fine.
And my poor ol’ salvaged lizard
Is weeping tears of wine
Simply delightful!
You’re ever so insightful!
And oh, how you’ve learned not to see
Without needing a blindfold!
Heed the roar of the ancient toad
Surrender memory
Jubilant Geronimo!
Frankly, I disagree.
Lament for the loonies sleeping soundly on the ship. They dream away to distant lands of jubilee and crypts. Upon the fragile orange peels that lie in a basket of teeth, the sickest of salamanders shove gold into their pores. I raced along the nose hairs that giggle in ecstatic decay, and I found my wealth wedged between a turtle shell and hamster wheel.
January juniper jellybeans jiggle jaggedly. This is my file of wild miles in the crying heckles flying shelters melting rain like whimpering weather forget to write my nest like the test of will to wear my wagon to the curliest of crabs? I cheese not grater fortune finder, half the porcupine. Eukaryotes in blissful naked ruins of the lake suppress the witty worms while wallowing in Winnebago. Famine tickles the chasing morn’. When I find you fickle, you’ll champagne my eyes. Zeus does not debonaire. Instead, I’ve painted alligators on the faces of your wives.
Oh, my pride! My pride!
I’ll hibernate ‘til Winter and lick the willows dry.
Sinister serpents eating away at the souls of the solitary. You are He who Shines, the pigeons are dull and non-reflective. You taste like stars. I can hear the moon a-whistlin’ as she wanes. Do not worry, my dear child, you are never alone. Shaving sprinkles onto luscious plains of Spain, the sky’s great salivation gives us summer rain. Whiskers whimper blissfully! Feed not the virtuous lamb. I have no angels under my coat. Bear with me, I am free. Generations forcing celebration full of sky. Alligator tastes quite nice on pumpernickel or rye. We stopped them. Are you sure? You have painted nails with thorns? The willow creaks and reconciles the most bitter of scorn. I laugh and kick the bottles, hustling buzzards of the day. Sweet peas lonely without their corn, rowed in fields like a graveyard. Shamrock shipwrecked shells share clemency clementines. Falling like the ravens into a cesspool of delight.
Upon my head, you shiver, giggling with fright.
Will you wake up where you slept?